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Protecting Your Assets
Do you have a will? If you do, is it trustworthy?

Making a will is the minimum that each of us should do to protect our estate, but just making a standard will can leave your legacy exposed to a number of dangers, which may mean that your beneficiaries may not inherit as much of your estate as you had intended.


In fact in some cases they may even be totally disinherited. In this video we will learn what these dangers are, and most importantly…what we can do to make sure that our beneficiaries won’t lose out.

Downloads Pack

Please feel free to download these resources that support the video presentation:

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  Protecting Your Assets

Fact Sheets

  Rules of Intestacy

  Making a Will

  Trusts in General

  Lasting Powers of Attorney

  Business Lasting Powers of Attorney

  Inheritance Tax


  Business Property Relief & Business Trusts


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