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Key Sponsors of Stamford Strollers

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Hi All!

I guess most of you reading this will already know me, but for those who don't, I am a keen walking

footballer and have played for Stamford Strollers for several years now.


I am delighted to say that my business has been a key sponsor of Strollers since 2019.

This partnership brings together two of my great passions, my business and walking football.

It enables me to give something back to the sport and the club which have become such a big part of

my life over the past few years. Walking Football has brought me so much joy and I am a great

believer in the benefits of becoming involved in the sport, not only the improved physical health that it

promotes, but also the social interaction and mental health benefits that come with being a member

of a lively football club and community.

So how are we helping Stamford Strollers?

Well, since 2019 we have helped the club in various ways.

In Spring 2019 we sposored two full sets of playing kit for use in tournaments and league competitions along with four sets of coloured training bibs.

In the same year we sponsored and produced The Strollers "Home" Walking Football Tournament, attended by 12 teams from the Midlands and East of England. We had planned (indeed still plan) this to be an annual event.  The 2020 tournament of course was cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the 2021 tournament is looking quite doubtful at the time of writing this.  If there is any chance of getting the tournament on in 2021 (safely) then of course we will but in any event we hope to be back in 2022 and beyond.

We have also provided assistance to the club during the Covid 19 crisis by supplying PPE by way of an Infra Red Thermometer for temperature checks at training sessions, as well as personal reversible training bibs for each member of the squad to avoid the need for sharing bibs at sessions.

How do we fund all of this?

In order to help fund this support, we have agreed to share with the club any income generated from financial services that you or any of your family, friends or contacts, might arrange through us.

This means that simply by contacting Ancojada Group and obtaining your financial services through our network of specialist advisers, you can support walking football at Stamford Strollers in a very tangible way.

Please contact me today with your questions, whatever your financial need might be, using the enquiry form linked above, drop me a line at, or just give me a call.....  I will be delighted to see how we can help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest regards,


Colin Barrett

Stamford Stroller & Director of Ancojada Group

Ancojada Group

Correspondence:  Ancojada Limited, PO Box 236, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 4FB

Call:  0333 433 0246


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