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About us

At Ancojada Group we are committed to making your financial life simpler, easier to manage and more rewarding!

Its not always easy finding the right financial advice is it?


We all have a variety of financial needs throughout our lives but it just seems that every financial adviser is a specialist in one area.  Maybe they only provide mortgage advice, perhaps they are a retirement specialist or only deal with investments.


This type of specialisation means that you will almost certainly have to search for a different adviser each time you have a financial need.


Ancojada Group changes all of that


We have brought together a network of specialists in just about every area of financial services so that, whatever your financial need needs, we have the experts on hand to provide you with the advice and guidance that you are looking for.


Your Ancojada Relationship Manager can save you time and make sure you find the right adviser, whatever your needs.

The Ancojada network of Relationship Managers, Consultants & Specialist Advisers provide expertise across all areas of financial planning

Take  a look at the extensive range of financial services we offer:

  • Investing for a comfortable retirement.

  • Getting the best value from your pension investments.

  • Finding out how the new "Pension Freedoms" can benefit you.

  • Making your investments work harder for you.

  • Making the most of your Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance.

  • Saving for future capital needs (House deposit, Student fees, Weddings etc).

  • Protecting your family and/or your business in the event of your death or ill health.

  • Arranging a mortgage to buy your home Releasing money from your property.

  • Making sure your assets go to who you want them to after your death.

  • Protecting your personal and/or business assets Reducing inheritance tax on your estate Borrowing money for your business.

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