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Ancojada Wills

Preserving your wealth for generations to come

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Protect your assets

Ancojada Wills is designed for those who wish to more fully protect themselves and their family’s future inheritance.

It is for those who have worked hard to create wealth, even if most of that wealth is in their home. It is specifically designed for those who wish to ensure that the wealth they have created is protected as fully as possible now and for generations to come.

Our approach uses a tried & tested combination of Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney to cover the most common threats to the asset base that most of us hold these days - our home, savings, investments, life assurance, pension plans and death in service benefits.

Act now! Protect your family


If you want to pay less tax and protect your assets for those you care about, then you should take advantage of our FREE ‘Keep it in the Family’ Consultation.

This consultation is designed to show you how to avoid the problems faced by hundreds of thousands every year and is of benefit to every person in the UK.

It takes you step by step through the maze of traps and pitfalls that can catch the unprepared.

Avoid misdirection of assets

Leaving your assets to your children in the wrong way can often mean that they or your grandchildren are disinherited in the event of a divorce, relationship breakdown or remarriage.

We will show you how to safeguard your bloodline or other chosen beneficiaries from loss due to misdirection.

Unless you plan correctly, the law can direct your assets to someone against your wishes.

Download the Ancojada Wills Fact Sheet        Download "Protecting Your Assets" Brochure


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