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Now all the immediate jobs have been done...

We are now more than three months into the special measures introduced by the Government in response to the Corinavirus crisis.

It has of course been a time of great concern for all of us, particularly those who are, or have loved ones, in the vulnerable groups due to their age or their health

situation. It has also been a time of great sadness for those who have lost loved ones to this dreadful virus.

Many of us will also have had financial worries, given the downturn in the economy that has accompanied the counter-virus measures. For those in work, or in business, this has led to a great deal of anxiety about how this might affect their income security in the medium to long term.

Nevertheless, through all of this uncertainty, we have all had to become accustomed to our "new normal" situation during the past 90 days plus.

Many of us will have been taking the

opportunity to get those immediate jobs

done around the home;

DIY Improvements, Remodelling, Decorating, Repairs, Garden Redesign, All those things that we never had time for during "normal times".

In addition to completing these "nagging" jobs I am sure that most of us have also spent many a happy hour engaging in the new "craze" of Family & Friends Quiz Nights using one of the now essential video sharing apps that have become almost a basic utility in our new digitally connected world. Add into the mix (no pun intended) our new found national obsession with baking, plus of course the eating of the baked goods, along with our collective dedicated aim of exhausting the libraries of both Netflix and Prime Video.....for some it has been an unexpectedly busy time hasn't it?

So, if you have already got your physical

house "in order", are completely out of new

online boxed sets to see you through the day,

and have resolved for the sake of your

waistline to only bake once a week in future,

might now be the right time to take a look over your "Financial To-Do List?"

We have certainly found more and more

people contacting us over the past few weeks

about the financial issues they are facing. We have a team of relationship managers and specialist advisers on hand, ready and able to help you deal with any issues that might be causing you concern.

All of the members of our team offer a video meeting service in order to keep all of us safe during our business dealings so contact us today for more information and to book your own meeting.

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