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The Key to Happiness

Some dream of winning the National Lottery in the sure knowledge that they will live happily ever after. Some look for love – which conquers all.

Both of these things can help you to find happiness but what if you were to run out of money? You might find that you also run out of love as the finances get tighter and tighter and your happy life diminishes rapidly. But there is hope…..

The key to happiness is invariably linked to finances and whilst life assurance helps the family to go on following your death, most of us live to a pretty good age (see for confirmation, many of us have health issues or accidents even at a young age.

Income Protection insurance can solve the problems caused when you run out of sick pay and savings. It can give you a tax free monthly income during periods of illness and incapacity – continuing right up to your retirement if necessary – with annual increases to keep up with inflation.

This is a very flexible product which can be tweaked to fit almost every budget (premiums can be as low as £5.00 a month) and it even covers Homemakers (who can be very expensive to replace). The income can be used for anything depending on your priorities and needs and it can really take the pressure off the whole family.

The application is subject to medical underwriting but the annual increases are not – your cover just keeps increasing until you have sufficient. Designed initially for the self employed, it is also available to employees and can fit around sick pay arrangements.

For more information without obligation or cost just contact us and ask for the Key to Happiness.


Ancojada Limited trading as Prosperitas Consult is not authorised or regulated to provide financial advice.

All financial advice is provided by other regulated businesses.

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