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What have the new social media word game sensation, Wordle, and planning your will got in common?

Well, probably much, but if the headline grabbed your attention then that’s good enough for me :-)

Then again, thinking about it, and drawing on mine and Jans recent experience of daily morning Wordle challenges over the past few weeks, maybe there are a few similarities after all.

Most people first start thinking about wills in their twenties when they have children or perhaps they buy their first home, but they don’t think too much about the wider importance of estate planning at that time. This might feel a little like that first word played, the first row, in their daily Wordle challenge, thrown into the mix with little consideration of the longer term implications.

Rather like rows two three and four in Wordle where players will throw all kinds of considered letter combinations into the mix in the hope of some clarity. People in their thirties, forties and fifties, probably spend a good deal of their time considering all kinds of options around their financial planning whilst not really contemplating how best to protect what they have already achieved.

By rows five and six, or the decades with ages in the sixties and seventies, it’s all starting to get a little serious. The spectre of getting to row six without discovering the answer leads to much more serious contemplation, and perhaps the wish that they had taken the previous three rows/decades a little bit more seriously.

Getting to that final row in Wordle and still not having the answer in the bag can be frustrating and infuriating (or so I am told ;-) ). Getting to your sixties and beyond without planning your wills is something that no-one should really be facing, especially as the act of arranging your will can arguably be much less stressful if you get the right support!

So whatever row or decade you are currently sitting at, there is no better time to put your plans in place than today.

Give me a call or drop me a line and let's find the right words to secure your assets for your future generations.


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